Friday, August 21, 2009

Nicole New Hair Style

Nicole wanna be hair stylist so she cut her hair in just a min after she disappeared from my eyes .
N the scissor is unknown from where .
Am so angry n sad that she cut her front hairs so short . Dunno lucky or not she only manage to cut her front fringe .
Have save the hairs from 2 n half years ady .
Dunno wat i do now to her hair ......
anything i can make her hair grow faster ?

Now everywhere i or anyone bring her out sure will ask her wear this .... lolz
To hide her hair ......


  1. That's funny. My daughter did the same thing a few months ago. She couldn't wait for me to take her to the hairdresser, so she cut her fringe herself. Lucky now grow back already. The difference between your daughter and mine is that mine is already 8 years old. Should know better right? What lah kids!

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  2. Mine is very naughty OMG >.<"

    Lian >> BTW i have sent a confirmation email to u ^^