Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trip to Malacca , McDonald`s , Butterfly Park , Bee Farm n Eyes On Malaysia .

On Sunday , 31th August 2009 . When everybody were at KL to celebrate Merdeka Day ( Independence Day ) . My parent-in-law bring my children n I go to Malacca for a day trip .

We 1st go to the McDonald`s for an Ice-Cream .

Then we went to Butterfly Park .
At the Butterfly Park got many other animal .
I forgottan to take photo so u guys need to watch the video for it ^^
Edison is a cowardly noisy boy . HaHa .
He is a very noisy n naughty boy but very scared of animals except dogs .
Even toy snake he also scared ....

The person who have most fun is Jason coz he is curious .
He read the map of the park like a tourist guard .
The video is a MUST see coz it very funny .

Everyone having fun in watching animals except him .
He shout all the way throught the snake tunnel .

The next stop is at the Bee Farm .
There is only some honey to taste n buy .
There got few bee deco introduce to us that how bee make honey n their home n few bee flying around the honey .

Jason telling his brother about the Bee ...

Nicole like to wander around but when there got ppl thr wan touch her or speak to her , she quickly run back to me haha !

Am ordering dinner .

Jason n Edison were tired n hungry after the trip ..

At nite we went to Malacca Eyes On Malaysia .
The entry fee is discounted half .
It were just RM10 for Adult , RM5 for children , RM8 for senior n school teen with Mycard n Mykid .

At nite , we asked around the ppl thr in the area to get to the Portugal Village to eat Portugal Baked Fish .
It were fun asking for direction with a pen n paper .
It feel like playing treasure map . HaHa
The taste of the foods is OK only not so good .
Maybe it becoz it were not so much seasoning .

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