Friday, August 21, 2009

Nicole New Hair Style

Nicole wanna be hair stylist so she cut her hair in just a min after she disappeared from my eyes .
N the scissor is unknown from where .
Am so angry n sad that she cut her front hairs so short . Dunno lucky or not she only manage to cut her front fringe .
Have save the hairs from 2 n half years ady .
Dunno wat i do now to her hair ......
anything i can make her hair grow faster ?

Now everywhere i or anyone bring her out sure will ask her wear this .... lolz
To hide her hair ......

" BEAUTIFUL BABY SEARCH CONTEST "Looking for Beautiful Prince and Princess"

Am entering " BEAUTIFUL BABY SEARCH CONTEST "Looking for Beautiful Prince and Princess" sponser by Mea Myra . Thanks in advance for Mea Myra for organize this contest ^^

here my entry goes .
My daughter Nicole , Age 3yrs old . Just taken on her 3rd Yrs old birthday recently on July .

This is taken on Chinese New years .
This is me n Nicole ^^ in my sis in law wedding on Jan .

Most Loving Sibling Contest !

MOBS n ComfyBebe are hosting a contest and it's about Loving Siblings .

I use this photo to enter the contest .

From left to Right ( Edison 4yrs , Nicole 3yrs n Jason 6yrs )

This pic were taken on a raining n thunder night . Nicole were scared of loud sound n thunder sound . When she scare she will run to her brothers to hug . That day , i were feeding them dinner when suddenly thunder . I asked Jason n Edison kiss Nicole to help her forget her fear n u c how happy she was .

This is my 3 kids name Jason , Edison n Nicole .
They r typical sibling that u normally see , love to play n fight over with each other .
When they r happy , they likes to pose for me to take photo .
They r quite bond to each other so anyplace n anythings they always do together . ie bath , eat , play , watch tv n sleep .
They were too bond to each other until when 1 of them is not around they ask for a hundred time when she/he back .ie big bro goes to kindergarten or Nicole went to her god-mom house .
Their biggest affection is they always remember to buy or take 3 portion of things or foods or sweets so they wouldn`t be quarrel over new things . When people`s gave them 1 sweets or foods or things , they will ask for 3 , it not because of greed but it is because they remember for their siblings , i always explained .
Jason the eldest is the most responsible . He help me take care of them when i`m not around . Jason tend to more sayang n defense his sis as his younger bro love to bully her .
Edison is the one who like to quarrel with his youngest sis n bully her . That his way to show affection to his sis as this will get attention from his sis .
Nicole is the youngest so she the queen of the house as she have a charming smile n puppy eyes . Dun get cheated by her cuteness n her puppy eyes , she is the queen of the house as she control her big bro with her tear n her 'manja' . When she were fighting over somethings with her younger bro , she tend to use her tears to make his big bro help her take wat she wan for her .

This is taken recently at Desa water park ... they love to play together .

This is taken back when Nicole is just few month old n just learning to sit down . Edison n Jason always support Nicole when she sit . Edison n Jason very love their youngest sis n love to include her in their activities . They were watching TV at that time n i`m in middle of make dinner .

This 2 pic is taken on recently after dinner . They were havin fun playing with each other then they pose for me to take pic as i requested . ^^

This photo is when Nicole away to her god-mom house n Jason n Edison convert the microwave oven box to their "pretend boat" . They were singing row, row row a boat while rowing the "pretend boat" . Even the flag were draw by Jason n Edison were "fishing" with the stick .

This is taken on Nicole birthday .

Although they likes to quarrel n fight with each other , that is affection they show that they love each other deep in their heart .

School Trip To Zoo Negara .

On 15 August , Jason kindergarden have organize a school trip to Zoo Negara to educate them about animal .
The trip cost RM35 for a children n RM45 for adult that included an entrance fee ( RM6 for adult / RM4 for children with school letter ) , a lunch ( burger , french fries n milo ) n to n from transport .
If i go by my car , the entrance fee will be RM15 for adult n RM6 for children n our lunch will be 2 stall burger + 1 ribena = RM12 that total at RM33 for 3 of us only in compare of RM80 for both of us by bus .
After few consider as i bring along Nicole n Edison . I go by car n followed them to Zoo with Edison n Nicole while Jason follow his teacher in bus .
The trip is not really fun as jason kindergarden have 12 school go together . There were a lots of childrens .
It were quite tired n bothersome as children tend to go their way n not following orders .
Jason kindergarden have around 30 children on this trip . A lots of parent tag along to watch their kids .
Luckily for our kindergarden teachers that we have around 10 parents to help watch our childrens so the childrens don`t get lost when we moving 1 from 1 animals .
I saw at least around 10 children who is from another school get lost to our group .
We gather at school at 8am n the bus goes to the zoo at 8.30am . We have to waited for all 12 kindergarden to arrived before we get in at 9am . It were hot n sunny day .
We get to see many animals but we have to move 1 animal to another very fast as there got many kindergarden childrens coming .
We scared that our childrens blend in with other school childrens n get lost .
But see all my children were happy on this trip make all are worth it .

Nicole n Jason hungry n bored n tired so they make funny face .

Trying my luck on Giveaway !

Am trying my luck from a giveaway by Lian eventhough i never win any giveaway or any contest myself .
Thanks for Lian to organize this giveaways 1st .

The prize is ClickN Read Phonics n ClickN Spell kids spelling software i hope to win for my 3 children .
Am hoping to win this to help improve my children english as mine is not really good n we always talk in cantonese although they understand english as i always open educational english video or english cartoon movies for them to watch to help them understand english .