Sunday, October 17, 2010

Malacca A Farmosa Zoo June 2010

Getting ready to go on the trip !
My princess is very sleepy look ~

Breakfast time b4 goin ~

Does my princess pretty ?

Arrived at Malacca , A Farmosa Zoo .
Edison readin the map ~

Jason n nicole posin for photo ~

My prince`s n princess ~

Me n my princess ~

My princess gettin dirty wit her ice cream .
gonna clean up after she finish it ~

inside the boat to the monkey island ~

Waitin in queve for the bus trip ~
so we took some pics
My princess n prince`s wit daddy ~

My princess n prince`s wit mommy ~

Jason asked for a ride by elephant ~

Edison also dun scared of elephant anymore after he saw his bro bein pick up by the elephant .
he even said it funs ~
only nicole still scared of it

Jason wit the cute hat !
Wan to buy but it real expensiv for the hat =.="

Jason lov to pet any animals ~
He beg my father-in-law to pet the snake .
the snake keeper said buy things amounted to RM20 to pet the snake ~

Jason wit the snake ~

Jason said the snake wan to bite him ~ hahaha

Even nicole dare to touch the snake ~
but edison run aways ~

Last photo wit the animals for the day ~
my kids said they miss them very much~

On the way back , we slavor some nice juicy durians ~
the taste is nice n the price is cheap too ~
fresh out from farm

Then we go to Tesco for shoppin ~
Edison n Nicole stuff into the trolley cos they r tired to walk ~

My princess havin dinner after the day trip ~

Then she tired n sleepy after the dinner ~

Yuki Birthday

This is our princess for the day ~ yuki

all bz playin ps2 ~

they lov to pose when my camera pointed to them ~

Nicole pose wit her cake ~