Saturday, September 26, 2009

miscellaneous pic of Jason , Edison , Nicole , Cocoa n BoBo .

miscellaneous pic of Jason , Edison , Nicole , Cocoa n BoBo the shih tzu`s .
Cocoa (male) is my pet while BoBo (female) is my mom pet .

Jason with the scorpian

Jason 1st encounter with my dad pet , the female scorpian discarded her venom .
Jason didn`t scared of it n play with it like playing with hamster .

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MOBS & Huiwearn Kids Store (HKS) Little Bookworm Contest

4) Blog about your little bookworm :
a) Name & Age : JASON TANG CHEE WENG ~ 6yrs old

b) Include a photo of your little bookworm with his/her favourite book)

Favourite book title & short description :Winnie The Pooh Storytime Treasury - Rainy Day
The story is about it were too hot in Hundred Ache Wood and Rabbit wished that it will rain because Rabbit have a garden which is going to wit . Pooh and the other were watching the cloud while rabbit work on it garden . After awhile the cloud started to gather and it rain . They have fun watching the rain and how it change back into sunny day .

Why is it your little bookworm’s favourite book?
It is because it were his favourite character Winnie The Pooh is in the book .

Who is your little bookworm’s favourite character in the book and why? (if applicable)
Winnie The Pooh because he is a bear and he is yellow . ^^

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jason n Edison in Cameron Highland , Strawberry Park

On 20september09 , Jason grandparent took them to Cameron Highland for 1 day trip .
they went to the waterfall to play water .

Here are they went to strawberry park to steal eat strawberry .

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