Friday, August 21, 2009

School Trip To Zoo Negara .

On 15 August , Jason kindergarden have organize a school trip to Zoo Negara to educate them about animal .
The trip cost RM35 for a children n RM45 for adult that included an entrance fee ( RM6 for adult / RM4 for children with school letter ) , a lunch ( burger , french fries n milo ) n to n from transport .
If i go by my car , the entrance fee will be RM15 for adult n RM6 for children n our lunch will be 2 stall burger + 1 ribena = RM12 that total at RM33 for 3 of us only in compare of RM80 for both of us by bus .
After few consider as i bring along Nicole n Edison . I go by car n followed them to Zoo with Edison n Nicole while Jason follow his teacher in bus .
The trip is not really fun as jason kindergarden have 12 school go together . There were a lots of childrens .
It were quite tired n bothersome as children tend to go their way n not following orders .
Jason kindergarden have around 30 children on this trip . A lots of parent tag along to watch their kids .
Luckily for our kindergarden teachers that we have around 10 parents to help watch our childrens so the childrens don`t get lost when we moving 1 from 1 animals .
I saw at least around 10 children who is from another school get lost to our group .
We gather at school at 8am n the bus goes to the zoo at 8.30am . We have to waited for all 12 kindergarden to arrived before we get in at 9am . It were hot n sunny day .
We get to see many animals but we have to move 1 animal to another very fast as there got many kindergarden childrens coming .
We scared that our childrens blend in with other school childrens n get lost .
But see all my children were happy on this trip make all are worth it .

Nicole n Jason hungry n bored n tired so they make funny face .

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