Friday, May 8, 2009

New to blogging

Hi , I`m irene . ^^ Am mother to 3 cute and mischief little monster name Jason , Edison and Nicole . They are age 6 , 4 n 3 years old . They got story behind their birth ! ^^

1st is Jason my eldest son . Jason were born on 2003 (when i`m 18) When Jason were born , I thought that I have leak the water ady then my mom rushed me to the hospital ! And then the nurse said not yet but coming soon . Hav waited in hospital few hours still didn`t leak , til the end the nurse self punch a hole on it to make me leak . Luckily when birth him , i`m too tired to feel any pain .

2nd is Edison my second son . Edison is born on 2005 (Jason is 2 years old then) I were so scared of sibling rivalry at that time so i included my eldest son to everything i do to make him understand that he need to love his bro . Edison birth early 3 weeks from the scedule ! It were so scary ! When i wake up 1 morning i have leak my water when i pee ^^ without knowlegde it coz my 1st pregnancy r nurse poke :p I continue sleeping til i feel somethings wrong ! I feel that it were coming out n it were fast . I quickly wake my husband n my mom-in-law to bring me to hospital . On the way to hospital ( went to the hospital need around 15 min coz traffic jam ) i suddenly labour ! The head is out @@ ~! Scared my husband n mom-in-law ! My husband went insane ady seeing this ! He drink like mad to hospital ! (honking n double signal n rushing ppl to gave way with yelling ) (not sure ppl will understand y he yell haha , i think ppl think he insane at that time ) Seeing him so funny at that time forgottan that I`m labouring haha . The baby were out til his leg when i`m arrived in hospital . The doctor were attending patient when i`m arrived . My husband yell to the nurse without aknowlegde it . ^^ The doctor said this is the 1st time that ppl arrived with baby done labouring ! I kinda of forgottan the baby not crying after he born ! After i went to labour room minus my baby ( coz he went to nursery ) i heard the crying from the baby ^^ that were exhaust n hilirious labouring ^^ Am forgottan the pain @@ ? I have no pain at all when labouring Edison !

My last n only girl Nicole r born on 2006 . ( her bro were age 3 n 1 yrs old) I were inform that my pregnancy arent smooth becoz of my 2nd pregnancy ...... My uterus were too smooth so i prepared to accept challenged . Doctor said i maybe will miscarriage if i`m caress . The word echo my mind all the time make me stay at home all the time scaring having miscarriage is anything happen . The doctor are right coz when i`m 6 month pregnant my uterus hav opened 3cm @@ Felt that i`m goin in labour at that time so i asked my parent-in-law at home at that time to send me to hospital @@ The hospital which i`m staying n the doctor which attending me told me that they didn`t have the baby incubulator so they have to send me to HUKM . I`m admitted to HUKM for 1st time . Have taken an injection for the labour to stop . Went back home after 3 days in HUKM . Then around 2-3 weeks later , the same things happen again ! Omg the labour is coming back n rushed to the hospital for the 2nd time . An injection is given n admitted 3 days , i released back to home again . a month passed (around 8mth) The labour started again (Nicole said she can`t wait to come to the world to greet me) This time am so lucky too ^^ thank to my exprience but HUKM said they also have reserved the incubulator to other peoples that mean they have to transfer me to other hospital that have incubulator .They found a incubulator in Johor Baru but it were so far so i`m asking they favour to find around KL or Selangor ! At that time were thinking OMG so far how am i goin back here without exhaust my baby ? Were thinking bout that becoz new born baby cannot travel far ! My parent family fren baby die when she are traveling back to hometown (she is just newborn) They hav called many hospital for an hour i think then at last they found an incubulator at Putrajaya . Anyway Putrajaya is better than Johor Baru right ?? Am discard on 3 days admitted in hospital ^^ Finally on the 5th time admitted in hospital (am going 9 months) my body gave way for Nicole labour ^^ have an injection also cannot stop the labour . That time were just wake up so not tired at all . Didn`t have the pain of labour at all ! 1st time see Nicole laugh after labour 1 hours (Am breast feeding her that time) Her smile melted my heart ^^

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